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Bell's in the Batfry

Dec 24, 2008


The Christmas Special!  Starring... the COWLETS!  They're baaaaack!


Cindy Taylor and Jean Williams

This episode was partially hastily assembled at my sister's house... so, thanks Marcia!

The opening and closing music is "Berlin Mice March" from Music to Soothe the Savage Child.  The un-mooed original...

Dec 13, 2008


Put on your Fedora!  Grab your whip!

You're about to take an ADVENTURE trip!

This is it...Waders of the Aust Lark!  Excitement!  Cliff-hangers!  Really bad puns!

And... a record length.  This sucker is 30 minutes!!  Didn't PLAN it that just happened!  So set aside some good listening time!



Nov 26, 2008



Globe-trotting exploits in search of an ancient relic!!

Hoo boy, what excitement!

Selection from "Attack of the Giant Iguanas" by Scott Clous (behind the "flashback"), used with permission.  No, really.  Hear more original music at 

Nov 9, 2008


Actual commercials! 

And an aircheck of an afternoon Halloween Radio Show!  See if YOU can identify the SPECIAL GUEST VOICE!

Oct 29, 2008


The semi-quasi Halloween Show!  A haunted house!  Gas price expert!  An amazing return!  Arnie comes up with a new invention!  I attempt to recite "The Raven"!

Guest voices:

Cindy Taylor

Dale and Jim Kesterson

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