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Bell's in the Batfry

Dec 24, 2008


The Christmas Special!  Starring... the COWLETS!  They're baaaaack!


Cindy Taylor and Jean Williams

This episode was partially hastily assembled at my sister's house... so, thanks Marcia!

The opening and closing music is "Berlin Mice March" from Music to Soothe the Savage Child.  The un-mooed original version is available for FREE at

Oh...and the masterful cowlet deliniation was created by Scott from Texas!!  Isn't it CUUUTE??  (The cowlet...not Scott)

Happy Holidays!

almost fifteen years ago

I just showed my mother the picture of the cowlet (next to Ep. 81) and told her that that\'s where riblets come from, and her exact response was, \"are you for real?!\"... It was funny and I laughed at her for being so blonde.