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Bell's in the Batfry

Mar 15, 2016

The Batfry gang has been stranded on Mars for several years, now.  Is it possible that they could be RESCUED??  And, if so, is this something any reasonable person would WANT to DO?  I mean... really.  Things have been pretty peaceful of late.  Oh, well.

By the way, I'm trying an experiment.  I've begun a "The Batfry" channel on Youtube.  Yes, you can listen to this podcast and future podcasts (if this experiment works) on Youtube.  Please schlep over there and see if the darn thing works.

By the way, again... when you search for "the Batfry", you may encounter some videos that involve me with some puppets.  When these were taped, I never dreamed they would be posted for the world to see.  I HATE seeing myself on video or in pictures.  But its there, so I must deal with them.  The guy who taped them is a REALLY nice guy and GREAT cinematographer in California.  And, by and large, the videos are really kinda funny.  BUT... I AM NOW ABOUT 60 POUND LIGHTER THAN I WAS WHEN THOSE WERE SHOT.  No, really.  I now actually weigh less than my drivers license says I weigh... and I LIED when I got THAT!

I would like to thank all the people who urged me to return to the Batfry.  My life has calmed down to the point where I think I can produce two or three episodes a month.  Maybe.  I've missed this.  And I'm glad to be back.