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Bell's in the Batfry

Feb 25, 2007

Last time, as you recall, I had escaped the show to ride the rails with some hobos. Meanwhile, back at the Batfry, Arnie is trying to keep control of things. Also... Mr. Whizzr'd looks at hobbies! An old radio drama gets the Batfry treatment! We get an update on the "What does Arnie Look Like" contest! This episode was recorded in California, Oregon, and Kansas! The following provided improvised lines for this episode: Cindy Taylor..........Miss S Becky Beach...........Edwina McMahon, Hortense, and Tilda Dale Kesterson........Scoop Cooper Jean Williams.........Kiddie Kamper Cookie girl Thank you all for being creative enough for me to be lazy enough to not have to write you any lines! As always... post comments at or write to me directly at!