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Bell's in the Batfry

Oct 16, 2006

The Big One Year Anniversary Show! Here's how this episode came about: I contacted as many people as I could who have somehow contributed to this show over the year... plus some buddies and pals. I asked each of them to record random lines, reactions, and questions. I took all of these, added myself and some characters... and came up with the Anniversary Podcast. Some sent lines...some sent full-blown BITS! I used 'em all! I'm not going to tell you who's voices are who's. That's for YOU to figure out. I WILL however, list the appropriate websites for you to visit... in no particular order... And thanks to all the individuals--those who have offered information, comedy, voices, direction, friendship, and support over the year. You'll see thier names listed in all the episodes that have run before this one. If you like the show, tell a friend. If you DON'T like the show...what the heck are you doing reading all this??? And PLEASE visit my forum at! I never thought the show would last more than ten episodes. Thank YOU for listening. ---------------JOHN BELL