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Bell's in the Batfry

Jul 4, 2010


We return from visiting the Sonic Society ( and give a lift to respected British voice talent, David (Dr. Who) Ault. 

Then the Batfry gang listens to an episode of Dark Fantasy from 1942!  Thrills, chills, excitement, and sparkling dialog, this episode does NOT have.  So we must make commentary.


Clym Angus
almost fourteen years ago

D.a.v.i.d. A.u.l.t? David gets a straight man gig on this podcast and I don\\\'t? There is no justice in this world. Everybody loves the good guy. Seriously though (and believe me I do serious very very well) I\\\'ve been a fan of BITB for a number of years now. (2006?) The one thing I love about this podcast is the rubbernecking. It\\\'s like a who\\\'s who of podcasting. Getting back to my main point I would offer my services but I\\\'m about as family safe as a hand grenade at kindergarden. Such is the meat and measure of a bad guy. Keep up the sterling work, Mr B. And if you fancy doing a bit of work with some light swearing, well you know where I am.