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Bell's in the Batfry

Mar 17, 2009

The Batfry building has been dissolved...and now the gang is homeless!

Will anybody take us in??

Ron W
over fifteen years ago

Great episode (as always).
Can you post links to the podcasts you visited in your search for a new home?
I was driving while listening, so I couldn\'t write them all down.
Ron W (The other, other, other Ron)

over fifteen years ago

Actually they may all be mentioned in the forums, if not on the show notes. If they aren\'t I\'ll get back to you. Go on over there and look. We love new forum members. They taste just like chicken!

John Bell
over fifteen years ago

Let me see if I can gather \'em up and post \'em here in the comments section and/or in the show notes for the Between the Podcast Podcast for Episode 86!