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Bell's in the Batfry

Dec 22, 2006

The Christmas Show! Another spectacular Christmas spectacular is planned...gee, let's hope things don't go awry. This episode features a FAMOUS GUEST STAR! No, really. REALLY! Special thanks to vocalists Dale Kesterson and Heather Jewell. Please visit and leave comments (good and bad) on the forum!...

Dec 16, 2006

***CONTENT WARNING*** This is an audio diary of my Colonoscopy. I do NOT use graphic terms and I believe this is appropriate for all ages. However, because of the subject matter, you may want to listen to this episode BEFORE sharing it with your smaller children. If for no other reason, than to be ready to...

Dec 5, 2006

Brad makes a BIG sale for a podcast sponsor! The sponsor gets interviewed! Mr. Whizzr'd demonstrates hair growth formulas! Arnie brings in his girlfriend, Griselda; and his sister, Griselda! Things go awry!

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Nov 12, 2006

An explanation why I haven't put out a podcast lately.

Oct 24, 2006

My adventures at the Podcast Expo in Ontario, California! You'll hear voices that belong to the following podcasts: